1992 Biz kimiz?

As Vespa Textiles, we have continually been expanding our business horizons, together with our business capacity, since our establishment in 1992.


The formation of the original ideas for our collection, the clarification of the themes, the research and selection of fabrics, and the final production stage...

The VESPA fabric plant has GOTS, OCS, GRS, ORS and BSCI certification.
Fabric Knitting
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In addition to our own production processes, we cooperate with the best fabric manufacturers in the industry, and we are constantly adding new and different fabrics to our supply chain.

We can produce single jersey, rib, interlock, steel interlock, double-yarn, pique, ottoman, waffle and linen single jersey, using the twelve Mayer-brand circular knitting machines located in a 1200 m2 knitting facility located in Istanbul. Our daily production capacity is up to ten tons. We also have BSCI certificates for the facility.

Fabric WareHouse
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At Vespa, our fabrics are thoroughly checked by our experienced team using fabric control machines.

Making the fabric ready for cutting is one of the most critical points of the production process. The pre-control and the resting of the fabric before cutting are vital to prevent errors and avoid any shrinkage in the final product.

Our fabrics, when all quality controls are completed, are rested by being passed through a steam machine and made ready for cutting; minimizing any possible problems.

Fabric Cutting
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In our Vespa Textiles head office in Sefaköy, Istanbul, the fabrics, which are checked and rested in the steam machine, are then passed to our experienced employees in our cutting department. Cutting is completely controlled by manual or automatic cutting machines according to the type of fabric, and faulty products are identified. Our goal is to minimize any errors in production and maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Garment Printing
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Our own CizgiTeks printing facility, located in Yenibosna, Istanbul, is an extensive facility of 4500 m2.

We can print up to 24 colors with our nine ROQ printing machines that offer the latest technology. We can also provide the highest quality printing service with our eight Mimaki sublimation printing machines. We are working to be the best in the industry with a monthly printing capacity of up to 1.5 million pieces.

As in other areas, we have obtained BSCI certification for our printing process.

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We ensure that our products are sewn carefully and conscientiously, with minimum wastage, in order to protect the environment.

High quality fabrics are carefully sewn by our experienced team at our facilities in Istanbul Sefaköy and Edirne Keşan. We ensure that our products are sewn with minimum wastage which is done carefully and conscientiously as part of our efforts to protect the environment. Our experienced team of 100 people carries out the sewing activities of our Keşan facility.

Ironing and Packaging
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After the production of the fabric, the fabric control processes, and the cutting and sewing stages, we come to the ironing and packaging section, which is the last step. After fabric production, fabric control, the cutting and sewing stages, we come to the ironing and packaging section, which is our last stage. Our products are made ready for packaging by being passed through comprehensive optical and measurement checks by our experienced teams. We can carry out our shipments by packaging with hangers or boxes. Our facilities in Istanbul Sefaköy and Edirne Keşan, which are large enough to match our monthly production capacity, are the last stop of our quality production.

We carry out the ironing and package activities of our monthly production capacity of 150,000 pieces with our experienced team of 75 people in Sefaköy, Istanbul and 50 people in Edirne Keşan.

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"More is more. Less is a bore."

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